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Audiria is a online learning tool which, freely, offers methods to ensure the comprension of a new language learning is the best possible.

Introduction chapter

1.- Who makes Audiria?

Audiria arises as an idea of two brothers from Mlaga (VHSS & COSS) with the aim of promoting the learning of the Spanish language and culture worldwide. Two other people of the same family also participate in the project (EHG from Burgos and CSL from Madrid). Currently all of us live in Madrid.

The project is conceived as a non-profit activity in which all of us employ our spare time and week-ends, since each one has his own professional activity (VHSS is a Chemical Engineer, COSS is an Electrical Engineer, EHG is a Biologist, and CSL is a Mechanical Engineer). Moreover, VHSS colaborates with a language school as a teacher of Spanish for foreigners.

In this picture you can see three of the four members of Audiria (COSS, VHSS and EHG; CSL was taking the picture) in a working night, in the following one all of us are there.

Equipo de Audiria

Other collaborators

AL is from Connecticut in the USA. He began to teach himself Spanish several years ago when he started working as a psychiatrist in a mental health center that included some Spanish-speaking patients. He has found Audiria to be an invaluable resource, and enjoys both learning from and contributing to this site.

2.- Main features

3.- Advantages of using Audiria

4.- Who can use Audiria?

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