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Translation into English

A Snowy Day (by AL)

Although the season is almost over, we can still enjoy winter sports in many ski centers both in Spain and in some countries of South America, such as Chile or Argentina. In fact, the picture we have today is of a ski season in Argentina.

In the picture we see a group of skiers who are descending a slope. The skiers are obviously equipped with skis, boots, and ski poles; and some of them are also wearing helmets to protect their heads against blows. Any of the three that we see in the foreground are making a wedge, a position used for stopping.

At the left of the photo we can see some skiers ascending to the top of the slope using a ski lift.

At the end of the track we can see a building which is a rest area and in which there is most likely a cafeteria and probably a rental for ski equipment.

The other side of the mountain has a ski lift at the base of the mountain and halfway up. One cant tell because of the distance but the lifts may have perches or seats.

Along the mountainside we see S-shaped tracks in the snow caused by the descent of the skiers.



Temporada season
Pista track, runway, ski slope
Bastn walking stick, ski stick, ski pole
En primer plano in the foreground
Cua wedge
Hacer cua to be wedged in
Remonte ski lift (from remontar to go up)
Habr there will be, there must be, there probably is
Ladera slope, mountainside
Falda skirt; slope, mountainside
Mitad - half
Percha hanger, rack, hook, perch
A lo largo de along, throughout
Marca mark, track, footprint; brand

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