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Translation into English

We have to go to the pharmacy (by AL)

Carlos and Elena have the flu. They are quite ill and they notice that they have finished some medications that they should be taking.

Carlos: Hey Elena, what time do we take the pills?

Elena: Well, letís see: at 8 o'clock we have to take the analgesic for the fever and at 10 o'clock, after having dinner, the cough medicine.

Carlos: Well, itís 10 to 8 now, so Iím going to take the analgesic to see if it lowers my fever a little, since Iím feeling like crap!

Elena: Good, then Iíll go with you to the kitchen and take it too.

Carlos: What a pain! Weíve run out of the analgesic. And thereís very little cough syrup left.

Elena: Damn! I don't feel like going out to look for a pharmacy. Also, at this time weíll have to find a 24-hour pharmacy.

Carlos: What can we do! We have no choice but to go, because we shouldnít interrupt the treatment. Letís get dressed and take the car.

Carlos and Elena go by car in search of a 24-hour pharmacy...

Elena: Look Carlos. Stop at that pharmacy on the corner. Even though itís not open, we can surely find out where the nearest 24-hour pharmacy is.

Carlos: O.K., Iíll stop for a minute on the double line and weíll get out.

Elena: Look, hereís a list with the 24-hour pharmacies in the area. Itís a little hard to see through the window because itís very dirty but... yes... thereís a 24-hour pharmacy at C/Rosa, nļ 25.

Carlos: Good, at least itís not too far. Thank goodness! because I have a horrible headache and I don't want to drive long distances feeling like this.

Elena: Listen, if you want Iíll drive, since Iím not feeling so bad.

Carlos: Well, I really appreciate that! because with this headache, I am not in any shape to go on driving.

Elena: O.K., letís get back in the car and look for the street. The sooner we get there, the better!

Carlos and Elena arrive at the pharmacy. Elena gets out of the car and speaks with the pharmacist. Carlos is feeling very bad and waits in the car...

Elena: Good evening! Look, we need these two medicines: this cough syrup and this analgesic... wait while I look for the prescriptions... ah, here they are.

Pharmacist: Wait a moment while I look in the back of the store to see if we have them. Iím not sure. If not, I would have to order them.

Elena: Well, that would be a problem because we need them for tonight.

Pharmacist: I will see if youíre in luck... (after a short while the pharmacist returns). Bad news, miss.. I have run out of both. Thereís a flu epidemic, and during the day I sold out of what we had. If you want, I can order it for tomorrow...

Elena: No, thank you. We need it for tonight.

Pharmacist: Look, check to see if they have it at the pharmacy on C / Carnation, nļ 34. It is also a 24-hour pharmacy, and it is not very far from here.

Elena: Thanks for the information. We will try it.

Elena returns to the car and tells Carlos the bad news: there are no medications and they have to keep looking.

Elena: Carlos, bad news! In this pharmacy they don't have either of the medications.

Carlos: Don't tell me! Well, Iím almost falling asleep. Just what I needed!

Elena: The good news is that thereís a 24-hour pharmacy nearby where we can try our luck. Letís go, since the later it gets, the more tired we will be!

Carlos: O.K., but you drive since Iím really beat (I couldnít even if I wanted to).

Carlos and Elena arrive at the new pharmacy. Again Elena gets out and heads to the pharmacy hoping to have more luck this time...

Elena: Good evening! Look, we are trying to find these two medications. Letís see if with some luck you have them...

Pharmacist: Wait a moment while I consult the computer... letís see, the first one is a cough syrup... Yes, youíre in luck because I have one flask left.

Elena: Fantastic! Letís see if weíre as lucky with the analgesic.

Pharmacist: Well, wait. Letís see... Ah! The one in that brand is out of stock. But... I can give you another equivalent medication from another laboratory that will have the same effect...

Elena: Yes, yes... I don't care. The brand is not important if the ingredients are the same ...

Pharmacist: Yes, itís completely equivalent. You can take it with confidence that it will be equally effective.

Elena: Very well, how much do I owe you?

Pharmacist: Itís 10 Euros in total, because the second medication is a different brand that isnít covered by your prescription, and I canít give you any discount.

Elena: It doesn't matter. All I want is to get home as soon as possible and go to bed.

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