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Christmas Presents (by AL)

In this Audiotext of short scenes, we will present several situations that can be common as Christmas approaches and one must think about buying gifts for the entire family…

Eduardo and Sara have realized that Christmas is “around the corner" and they have not yet bought any gifts for their children or for the rest of their family, friends, etc. Let’s see how the scene unfolds…

Sara: Listen, Eduardo. I think the children have already written their letters to the Three Kings (the Three Wise Men). I’m not entirely sure what they’ve asked for, because they’ve only told me some of the things they want. We have to get those letters and to read them right away…

Eduardo: Well, I don't have any idea where they’ve put them… I suppose some place in their room, but let’s find out!

Sara: I have it. I’ll tell them to give me the letters so I can put them in the mail to make sure that Their Majesties, the Three Kings, get them on time.

Eduardo: Good idea, but the longer we take to go shopping for gifts, you know, the more people and the fewer chances there will be to find what they’ve asked for. The consumerism of these times is terrible! If you’re not careful, you’ll go crazy trying to find the damn gifts for the children!

Sara: OK, tomorrow I’ll speak to Monica and Pedro and ask them for the letter. I hope they don't suspect anything!

Eduardo: I don't think they will; you’re a very good actress and they’re still very young…

The following day, Sara is proud because she already has her children’s letter to the Three Kings. She tells Eduardo what they are asking for.

Sara: Good, I already have the letters! It wasn’t too difficult, although I had to convince Pedro, because he was determined to go to the shopping center to deliver it personally to the Kings. I had to tell him that the Kings were in a hurry and that they had to leave for another area of the city to attend to other children…

Eduardo: Very good, Sara. So tell me, what did our children ask for?

Sara: OK Pedro, don't be alarmed because there are so many things.

Eduardo: I am prepared…

Sara: Let’s see. Monica asked for the doll that they advertised on TV that walks by itself, and when it falls, it is able to get up… she also wants the "bike" that she’s been requesting for some time, and a princess outfit.

Eduardo: But she already has a hundred thousand dolls! And it sounds to me like she already has one very similar to the one she is asking for now…

Sara: Wait and stop objecting because I’m going to tell you what Pedro wants. Let’s see… in the first place he’s asked for a car that can be operated from a distance by remote control. Also, he asked for a set of games for the videogame console and, like his sister, … a costume, but in his case, Spiderman.

Eduardo: Well, now we can get our wallets ready, because with everything they’ve asked for, we won't have enough even with our Christmas bonuses.

Sara and Eduardo get organized to go buy the gifts…

Sara: Eduardo, yesterday I spoke with my parents and they didn't know what to buy the children. So in the end they decided to go in with us and buy one of the gifts for each child. They’ll get the outfit for Monica and the remote control car for Pedro.

Eduardo: Ah! Stupendous, be sure to thank them for me.

Sara: I’ve been thinking that we could take advantage of this weekend to go shopping for the gifts.

Eduardo: I don't think that’s a good idea, because there’s going to be a lot of people. It occurred to me that we could go on a weekday at lunch time and take advantage of that time…

Sara: OK, but maybe that won’t give us enough time, because as you know I only have an hour an a half at lunch…

Eduardo: Well, if that doesn't give us enough time, we can do it over two days.

Sara: Stupendous, how about this Monday at 2 p.m. in the Green Island shopping center. There are a couple of very big toy stores there.

Eduardo: Ok, that’s what we’ll do.

The day for making the purchases arrives, and Sara waits for Eduardo in the shopping center…

Sara: Man! You finally got here! I’ve been calling you on your cell phone to see what happened to you, but you didn't answer.

Eduardo: Right! I got caught in a tremendous jam at the entrance to the shopping center and with all the background noise, I couldn’t hear the phone.

Sara: Good, let’s go to the toy store before it gets too late.

Eduardo: Look, to speed things up, let’s see if we can find a salesclerk and ask him for the toys that we’re looking for.

Sara: There’s one, I will go over and ask… Excuse me… look, we’re looking for some toys for our children,… let me tell you: for our son, we would like these videogames for the video console, and a Spiderman outfit.

Clerk: Well, miss, those videogames have been sold out for the past week, and the outfit you’re looking for, you can find at the end of the aisle on the right.

Sara: Oh well, thank you. And now for our daughter: she wants the doll on TV that walks by itself, “Baby Andador” I think it’s called … and a bicycle.

Clerk: OK, let’s see… the Baby Andador is at the end of this same aisle on the left, and the bicycles are on the floor above this one.

Sara: Thanks so much… Eduardo: good and bad news. Here they have everything except the videogames, so we’ll have to look for them in another place…

Eduardo: Don't worry; my friend Mario, you know, works in a computer store and for sure he can get them for us there.

Sara: OK, I’m relieved.

Sara and Eduardo are at home putting the finishing touches on the toys for the children…

Eduardo: Good Sara, don't worry, I’ll take care of our son’s videogames.

Sara: Good, but do it soon because I don't want "to run out of time" (que nos pille el toro). So, between what we’ve already bought and the gifts that my parents are buying, everything is under control!

Eduardo: Yes it is, ah! Where did you hide the purchases? … let’s make sure the kids don’t find them by chance. Then it would be “Good-bye, surprise”!

Sara: Don't worry. I left them with out neighbor. You know that she’s very kind, and she’s an older woman who lives alone, so she doesn't have problem with storage space.

Eduardo: Ah, what a good idea! Good…well, all that remains is to think of gifts for the rest of the family, our grandparents, cousins, uncles…!

Sara: Yeah! But let’s leave that for another day… This weekend we’ll think about it…For now we’ve done enough…

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