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Spain Will Destroy 6 Million Doses of Vaccine Against Influenza A That Went Unused (by AL) 

After the declaration of a pandemic of influenza A on the part of the World Health Organization (WHO), in July of 2009 Spain bought 13 million doses of vaccine, enough to protect between 30% and 40% of the Spanish population.

As of today, six million doses, with a value of 42 million euros, are waiting in warehouses to be destroyed, according to José Martínez Olmos, general secretary of Health, in an interview in RNE (Radio Nacional de España), after the announcement of the end of the pandemic.

The distrust of the population in the face of a vaccine that was developed in record time and over which hung a certain shade of doubt, had the effect that few Spaniards who were among the “population at risk” went to their health centers to be given the shot.

Of the 13 million doses of vaccine, four million remained as a strategic reserve, which were later donated to the Pan-American Organization of Health (OPS), and the nine million remaining were distributed to the autonomous communities. Only 3 million people belonging to the groups at risk were vaccinated.

The Influenza Campaign 

One of the routes that is open is the double vaccination. The population would be vaccinated against influenza A and, also, against the usual seasonal flu of winter. This solution is not liked by medical professionals. 

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) is proposing a new vaccine that would combine the virus of influenza A with the virus of seasonal flu, with which the problem of protecting the population would be solved, but not that of surpluses of antiviral medicines.


Almacén – warehouse, depository
Desconfianza – distrust, lack of confidence
Ante – before, in the face of, faced with
Abrir camino – to clear a path, to cut a path, to open a way [ejemplo: abrir camino cortando ramas - to cut a path through the branches]
Planear sobre - to hang or hover over
Pinchazo – prick, jab, shot, puncture
Perteneciente – belonging to, pertaining to
Excedente – excess, surplus

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