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Chapter Number 501 of Audiria (by AL)

Five hundred and one chapters! After almost two years of work, imagination and excitement, today we get to share with you chapter number five hundred and one of Audiria, and with it we begin a new cycle of audiotexts on route to five hundred more.

You are among the many who have accompanied us on this journey. As of today you are one of more than 2,400 users who listen to the Spanish audiotexts and of more than 200,000 regular visitors, coming from almost every country in the world, to this page dedicated entirely to the popularization of the Spanish language.

Since Audiria first opened its doors to Internet users in December of 2007, we have not stopped adding to the number of useful methods being offered with the aim of facilitating your learning of Spanish. There are many improvements and changes that have been developed since the first days:

- The number of thematic channels has grown from 6 to 15 to accommodate the interests, suggestions or requests of users. We began our journey with channels on grammar, the press, daily scenes, radio, books, and Don Quijote; these were followed by channels for beginners, photos, television and short scenes, and more recently channels of songs, cinema, history and art.

- New types of exercises have been created to make it easier to evaluate and follow your progress during the study process.

- Tests for beginners and grammar tests have been developed to help you review the lessons studied up to now.

- Now you can also pose challenges to the rest of the users by adding your own questions in the tests by levels.

- A great number of phrases have been added, a very useful tool to help you gain facility in the use of the language. We have also included a long list of expressions or set phrases [frases hechas] that will help you to better understand Spanish-speakers. In addition, you can collaborate by adding your own translation in your language, thus helping other students to begin in their study of Spanish.

- The section on advice and common mistakes highlights habitual errors made by foreigners in the use of Spanish. - And besides following us as you already can via iTunes or RSS, you can now add our "gadget" to your iGoogle page so that you don't forget to review your Spanish every day. [To find the link, search Google.com for igoogle gadget audiria]

During this time, we have shared as much effort as satisfaction, having been selected an official project of the International Year of Languages of UNESCO in 2008. We also thank you for all the messages we received sincerely congratulating us and encouraging us to continue for us, all these messages are a personal prize that fills us with even more joy.

We don't want to miss the opportunity to congratulate all of you for the work and the effort that you all are making to learn this language. Spanish is currently the third most spoken language in the world; more than four hundred million people around the world speak it at this moment, among whom all of you are or will be included. We wish you a successful learning experience and we hope you will enjoy many more Spanish lessons and continue growing with Audiria.

Please accept a cordial greeting from the team at Audiria.

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