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Today Audiria Celebrates Its Second Birthday! (by AL)

Today (28 December 2009) Audiria turns two years old. Our project, which is dedicated to the promotion of our language and culture throughout the world, continues to move forward. During the past year more than 48,700 Internet surfers have visited us (an increase of 62% over the previous year); and we have almost reached a total of 2,800 registered users, with 1.1 million visits annually (an increase of 57%) from 153 countries. The largest group of visitors comes from the United States followed by Spain, Brazil, France, China and the United Kingdom.

This year we have reduced the frequency of new chapters from daily to every other day because Audiria already has an extensive offering of chapters. We have enlarged our offering of channels from 6 to 15 to better serve the interests, suggestions, and requests of users. We began our journey with channels related to grammar, the press, daily scenes, radio, books, and Don Quijote; these were followed by channels for beginners, photos, television, and short scenes; and more recently we have added channels about songs, cinema, history, and art. Next year we want to offer new channels such as Tourism in Spain, Humor and a Slow channel, so that you will not miss anything that we are saying.

We have created a section on phrases that has been very well received. In addition, we have created a section on advice and frequent errors (mainly a contribution of students whose native language is English).

We have also vastly increased the opportunity to do exercises within Audiria as well as the possibility of contributing your own exercises. Furthermore, we have created a section for the student of the month in which the student who has done the most during that month can write a comment to the other users of Audiria.

As you have been able to see and will continue to observe in the future, more and more the students of Audiria are being incorporated into our daily work. We have already spoken of the opportunity to submit exercises and of our presentation of the student of the month, but you will also have noticed that some English-speaking students have been sending us translated audiotexts (in text and in voice) which help other students to learn the language. We encourage you to continue sending them to us, and not only in English. Also, thanks to you, our section on Spanish sentences translated into several other languages is growing.

We can give you a heads up on some of our more immediate projects: to continue adding to the section on advice and common mistakes, to increase the database of questions proposed by the users, to create a section on vocabulary similar to the one on short phrases, to add new vocabulary exercises, to incorporate a tool so that you can improve your pronunciation and compare it with that of a native speaker, to create a forum on Facebook in which you can resolve your questions about learning Spanish and help one another.

As you can see there is a great future ahead of us, and we would like you to be part of it. To participate, send us suggestions on how to improve our site, propose exercises for other students, translate sentences and vocabulary into your language, translate audiotexts into your language and if possible read them aloud, answer the questions of other students in the Audiria forum on Facebook, speak about Audiria to other students; and if you have a page web, link to us and speak about us. There are many ways for you to get involved with us.

Our intention is to continue growing and establishing ourselves as promoters of Spanish language and culture, and we hope we will continue to receive your support in this endeavor.

Happy Birthday to Audiria and, of course, Happy 2010 to all!

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