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Translation into English

The Third Birthday of Audiria (by AL)

Today Audiria turns three. Our project for promoting our language and culture throughout the world continues to advance. In the past year almost 152,000 people from 174 countries have visited our webpage (a 311% increase with respect to the previous year), and we have more than 4,300 registered users and a total of a 1.6 million page-views during the year (an increment of 45%). The countries that head the list of visits are the usual ones: the United States, France, Brazil, Spain and the United Kingdom. This year there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors from France, Germany and Spain.

As promised last year, we have opened channels of Tourism in Spain, Humor, and also a Slow channel in which we attempt to have you understand everything, everything. We have also inaugurated a channel in English of grammar explanations (the lessons are from Sr. Jordan, whom we thank for his permission to reproduce his videotapes, to which we have added comments and exercises). At the suggestion of one of our better students, we have opened another channel, that of recipes for cooking, so that you can immerse yourself even more in Spanish culture.

During the year we have created a multilingual dictionary, which you are helping us you to translate into different languages. We have added an image to most of the words and, starting from this dictionary, we have added a large number of new exercises. Next year we foresee expanding this dictionary with new words.

We began a section of advice and frequent pitfalls (mainly for those students whose native language is English) and during the coming year our intention is to amplify it considerably, covering all grammatical aspects.

The section of student of the month has allowed us to get to know you a little more personally and offers a magnificent opportunity for you to direct yourself to other students, indicating what is most important in your opinion for learning a language like Spanish well.

We want to thank especially the collaboration of A.L., our official translator to English, who undauntedly translates our audiotexts on time and enhances them by explaining the more difficult words and colloquial constructions. We also want to encourage everyone else to get involved in this task of translation not only of the audiotexts but also of the vocabulary and idiomatic phrases, although some of you are already doing it, as can be seen in the growth that this section has experienced.

This year we have made it possible to add comments to the audiotexts with the intention that you be able to explain the words or expressions that have created the most difficulty for you and to share your new knowledge with other students. We encourage you to use this channel to enrich the audiotexts with your own learning.

As you can see, there have been many changes experienced by Audiria but there still remains a long road to travel. We would like you to be very much a factor in that growth. With this in mind, please send us suggestions on how to improve the site, propose exercises for other students, translate the sentences and the vocabulary into your own language, translate the audiotexts to your own language and, if possible, read them, speak from Audiria to other students, and if you have a page web, link to us and speak about us. There are many ways for you to get involved.

Our intention is to continue to work and establish ourselves as disseminators of Spanish language and Spanish culture, and we hope to continue to have your support for it.

Happy Birthday to Audiria! And, of course, Happy 2011 to all!


Acercarse to approach, come near
Encabezar to head, to lead
A partir de starting from
Inasequible inaccessible, out of reach
Desaliento discouragement
Enriquecer to enrich
Enlazar to link, hitch
Divulgador divulger, revealer, disseminator
Implicar implicate, involve

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